Pregnancy Tips


Our practice recommends no long distance travel (beyond one hour from the hospital) after 34-35 weeks gestation to minimize the risk of delivering in a place other than Alexandria Hospital. We also recommend that when you are travelling during your pregnancy, you do not remain sedentary for long periods of time (longer that two hours). Being stationary places you at higher risk for developing blood clots in your lower extremities. You should also remember to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.


We recommend eating well-balanced meals throughout your pregnancy. Here are some recommendations for different sources of nutrients during pregnancy:


If you are normally an active person and routinely do aerobic exercise, you may continue your routine as long as there are no pregnancy complications (i.e. preterm labor, bleeding, etc.). If you are normally sedentary, we do not recommend beginning regular strenuous activity. We also recommend that while exercising, you keep your heart rate below 140 beats per minute. In addition, be careful not to over-extend yourself, given your joints and ligaments are more lax during pregnancy. Also, avoid activities that may put you at risk for abdominal trauma (i.e. diving into swimming pools, high-impact aerobics, etc.). Finally, aggressive hydration when exercising is strongly encouraged to avoid dehydration.

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